Can You Go Natural For 2016?

can you go natural for 2016

New Year is the perfect time to make positive changes. This year instead of struggling to give something up, why not simply try something new instead? The best New Year’s resolutions are not ones that make us feel deprived and miserable, or the impossible ones that we find ourselves guiltily breaking within a few days. Instead they are the ones that will have fantastic long term effects, ones that are easy to stick to, and ones that make us feel great both inside and out.

Simply Naturale New Year Skincare Challenge

With this in mind, Simply Naturale has the perfect New Year’s challenge for you - to switch to totally natural, organic products for the whole of 2016, and hopefully beyond.

It is all too easy, particularly after the festive party season, to pay less attention to your skincare routine. Over indulging, exposing your skin to the harsh winter weather, falling asleep with your make-up still on after the festive parties…we have all been there!

But it is no surprise that after a few weeks of being uncared for, your skin will start to protest, and unfortunately that protest takes the the form of exaggerated wrinkles, a dull complexion, bags under the eyes, dry patches, and blocked pores. Our complexion reveals a great deal about how healthy we are on the inside, and if you are tired, dehydrated, and suffering from one too many nights out, it will show all too readily on your skin.

Natural Skin Care

If you havent used organic, natural beauty products before, we are certain that you will be thrilled with the results. Organic skincare products work with the skin, so instead of using harsh, synthetic ingredients that are found in many non-natural products, organic products such as the range from Simply Naturale work with the oils naturally found within the skin. They gently cleanse, tone and moisturise the skin leaving it feeling fresh and nourished, and giving you a visibly improved complexion.

If you are up for the challenge why not start with the basics? A good organic cleanser such as our Prima Spremitura BIO cleansing milk is a wonderful combination of organic vegetable oils, and is specially formulated to gently cleanse the skin. A refreshing toner such as our Prima Spremitura BIO Balancing Skin Toner is the perfect product to use afterwards, and an essential part of any skincare routine regardless of your skin type. It protects against dehydration, and leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed. Finally a soothing moisturiser such as our Prima Spremitura BIO Organic Day Cream with its combination of vegetable squalene (phytosqualene) and organic Aloe Vera will protect your skin, prevent wrinkles and leave your face with a healthy vibrant glow.

Natural Hair Care

Of course, if you really want to take your Natural New Year’s resolution all the way, then why not invest in natural products for your body and hair too? Using natural products that are packed with nutrients will restore the natural balance of your skin and hair, leaving you feeling and looking fantastic too. All Simply Naturale natural haircare products are specially formulated with organic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil to leave your hair feeling clean, shiny and soft, and protecting it from the harsh outside environment. Our body soaps, lotions and moisturisers contain only the finest natural ingredients blended with organic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and are free from harmful chemicals, additives, synthetic fragrances and artificial colourings.

So if you are looking to make a positive change in 2016, why not take the Simply Naturale New Year skincare challenge, and invest in some luxury, organic skin treatments and natural haircare products? We are sure that once you have made the switch, using natural and organic products will become less of a resolution, and more a way of life.

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