Taking care of yourself and looking good is not vanity; it’s self - respect.

The market for men’s grooming products is awash with products, many of which contain synthetic ingredients that do little to provide the care and nourishment needed for varying skin and hair care irrespective of age or indeed gender.

All Prima Spremitura products are certified natural and do not contain any chemicals synthetic additives, artificial fragrances making them suitable for all the family ranging from babies to mature adults. The addition of the Organic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil enhances and restores the natural balance to your skin and hair.

The gender-neutral packaging makes a statement that the contents are suitable for female and male use. So here are a few tips for men for their daily grooming -

The Prima Spremitura Delicate Liquid Soap is primarily for daily gentle hand and face cleansing. It also has the added benefit that men can use it as part of their daily shaving routine. Just wet the face, dab on a small amount and massage into the skin working up a minimal lather, shave and finally rinse. You will find the added Organic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil combined with natural essential oils lubricates the skin giving a smooth shave and moisturising your skin at the same time. You can then finish off by applying a tiny amount of the Prima Spremitura Moisturising Body Lotion or the Prima Spremitura Bio Day Moisturising Cream. After a very short while you will notice the difference in the tone and structure of your facial skin.

The Prima Spremitura Shampoo and Restoring Hair Conditioner will leave your hair and scalp feeling clean whilst restoring the natural balance. Again with regular use you will start to feel the benefits of these amazing natural beauty and grooming products designed for family use.

If you thought that hand cream was solely created for women think again! Daily manual tasks, gardening, and exposure to the elements can contribute to dryness, callouses and rough skin, The Prima Spremitura Nutritious Hand & Nail Cream is highly effective at repairing rough dry hands. For very dry skin you could try the Wild Seaweed Skin Soother for Very Dry Skin.

It’s not only women who should take care of their lips: men ought to look after their lips as well. Prima Spremitura’s Lip Balm with the regenerating and nourishing properties of the Organic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil provides an effective barrier against adverse weather conditions and eliminates chapped and cracked lips.

We hope that this article goes some way to destroying the myths surrounding usage by men of these and other products from the ranges offered by us. No one regrets taking good care of his or her selves, so try these products your self.

Here at Simply Naturale we don’t love these products because we sell them, we sell them because our customers and we ourselves love them.