The Benefits of Seaweed

What is Fucus Serratus?

Our new range of Cornish Seaweed Bath and Skin Care products are derived from a sustainably hand harvested brown algae variety known as Fucus Serratus or Toothed Wrack or Serrated Wrack, and is most commonly found in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Fucus Serratus is a natural seaweed which predominantly survives by filtering the ocean for nutrients and minerals. Because of its high mineral and vitamin content, the extracted natural oils from this seaweed are fantastic for skin, hair and body care treatments.

This natural seaweed has been used in seaweed baths for hundreds of years as the antioxidant compounds naturally sourced from within this seaweed are known to produce anti-aging, conditioning and moisturising effects on the skin, hair and face.

Why we love these natural seaweed products…

Our customers know how passionately we feel about the benefits of a natural and organic approach to everyday life.

So when we came across this range of bath and skin care products crafted from a blend of natural seaweed and other essential oils, we had to try them out ourselves! The results were so impressive that we simply had to include them into our existing portfolio of natural and organic skin, hair and facial lines.

Our range of seaweed bath and skin care products are designed and artisan made in Cornwall by a company with high standards on sustainability and respect for the environment.

Their hand harvesting methods of the pure natural seaweed have been developed in collaboration with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust and The Marine Management Organisation, thus ensuring that there is no negative impact on the West Cornwall coastline.

The Benefits of Fucus Serratus on Your Skin:

In a previous article “The Benefits of Seaweed Products for your Bath, Skin and Diet” we outlined the health benefits of this marvellous and versatile sea vegetable for dietary and cosmetic purposes.

The nutrients, vitamins and trace elements are more readily available in seaweeds than in land plants. This makes natural seaweed extracts not only ideal for skin and hair care products, thalassotherapy, but seaweed also provides a nourishing source of food (edible seaweed), and is valuable for both medicines and health supplements. Seaweed is also used extensively for liquid soil fertilisers and soil enrichment purposes. 

There are over 10,000 different species basically divided over three categories – Brown Algae (Seaweed), Red Algae (Seaweed) and Green Algae (Seaweed).
Try and experience the exhilarating sense of relaxation and freshness from the Pure Cornish Seaweed Bath and the Pure Seaweed Soap, the nurturing, nourishing properties of the natural Wild Seaweed Skin Balm and the refreshing and revitalising Organic Rejuvenating Facial Oil.