Why Using Natural & Organic Products is Better for the Environment, and for You!

Why natural and organic products are better

Natural skincare products are greener for the planet and have loads of great health benefits too!

With Go Green Week currently taking place (8th - 13th February) let’s take a look at the small ways we can be kinder to our planet, starting with our skincare routine.

Have you ever wondered how the skincare products you use can have an impact on the environment? Everything from the packaging, the manufacturing processes and the waste created can cause a lot of environmental damage.

Even if we don’t focus on the product waste of packaging which can end up in landfill, or the suffering of animals who often die during product testing processes, the ingredients of synthetic cosmetics and skincare products cause a huge burden to the environment. Luckily natural, organic products need no such testing, therefore there is no need to harm animals for the sake of our own vanity, nor be concerned by the chemicals that are being released into the environment during the creation and use of these products.

Nanoparticles, which can be found primarily in sunscreen products, get washed down drains and damage marine life. There is also some evidence to prove that prolonged exposure to them can actually catalyse skin cancer and premature ageing - so essentially do the exact opposite of what they are meant to!

Other common chemicals found in non-natural products are parabens, dioxins, and phenols, to name but a few. These ingredients claim to help the consumer stay looking youthful and radiant - however all have carcinogenic (cancer causing) properties and thus pose a danger to your health, as well as threatening wildlife and marine life when released into their natural habitats.

The good news is that we can help reduce our personal eco footprint by making smart choices about what we choose to use on our skin, and actually do ourselves good in the process. 

How we can Help with Our Products:

natrueOur range of beautiful organic skincare products not only are designed to make you look and feel wonderful, but are full of natural ingredients that pose no threat to our planet either. From natural nourishing body lotions to haircare products such as our normalising shampoo with organic extra virgin olive oil, and many moisturising and rejuvenating organic face care products we offer the total skincare package. 

Our Bio organic range has the Natrue organic certification meaning that of the natural ingredients used, 95% are organic and production of these products are by way of natural processes too. We also ensure our packaging is kept to a minimum and recycled where possible - all of which reduces our environmental impact. 

Being conscious about the products you use will contribute to a greener and safer environment for you and future generations. But of course it is not only our environment we need to be concerned about, these why natural products are better products that are packed with chemicals and toxins are absorbed into the skin and can cause you damage too.

Using natural, organic products does not mean needing to compromise on the quality of your beauty regime. In fact by avoiding these harmful ingredients you are likely to notice your skin improving, with a reduction in redness, irritation or breakouts, as well as fewer lines and wrinkles. Natural products lead to a feeling of health and wellbeing from the inside out, and your body is sure to reflect that!

So why not do yourself and the planet a favour and switch to a natural skin and body care routine today?